NSW rego check

A rego check (or registration check) is a way of finding out the details of a car's registration history in NSW. It's often used by those in the market for a used car to get peace of mind that the vehicle they're buying is legally registered, insured and roadworthy.

Rego checks are free and you can get one for any NSW registered vehicle via the Service NSW website.

What information does a NSW rego check provide?

A NSW rego check will provide you with an overview of a vehicle's registration history, including:

  • Registration number;
  • Registration status;
  • Registration expiry date;
  • Make, model and body shape of the vehicle; and
  • Details of the CTP insurer and policy expiry date.

Why is it important to get a rego check in NSW?

Getting a NSW rego check is vital to ensuring the safety of yourself, your passengers and other road users. It will tell you whether your vehicle is covered by Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance and when the insurance expires. Driving an uninsured vehicle is illegal in NSW, and also puts others at risk in the result of an accident. In addition, your legal liability for causing injury or death to others won't be covered without CTP insurance.

It's also illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle in NSW, with hefty fines and demerit points penalising drivers that are caught doing so. When you get a rego check, you'll know if the car you're buying is legally registered to drive on NSW roads, and when the registration is due to expire, which will help you avoid any legal strife. There's also a crucial safety aspect to driving an unregistered vehicle, as there could be a reason that the car wasn't registered. For example, it could have a dangerous mechanical fault that makes it unsafe to drive.

Don't risk putting lives in danger or facing severe penalties for failing to check a used car's registration history. It's your responsibility to ensure that the car you're driving is legally registered, insured and roadworthy, and a rego check is the only way to do this.

How can I check my NSW rego?

To check the registration of a NSW vehicle, jump on the Service NSW website and enter your licence plate number. Accept the terms and conditions, click submit and you'll be issued with an instant NSW rego report.

What if I want more information?

Free rego checks provided by the NSW transport authority will give you basic information about the history of the car you're buying, but they don't give you everything you need. For instance, how will you know if there's finance owing on the car you're buying, if the odometer has been illegally wound back, or if it's a stolen vehicle?

You can gain additional peace of mind with a detailed PPSR report, which is Australia's most comprehensive car history report. You'll receive the following:

  • PPSR search;
  • Stolen check;
  • Written-off check;
  • Finance check;
  • Odometer check;
  • Price/odometer comparison;
  • Vehicle valuation;
  • VIN check; and
  • First sale information.

What is a PPSR search?

When you order a report from us, one of the first things we do is conduct a PPSR check for you. We scan the PPS register (short for Personal property Securities Register) to find out whether a security interest has been registered over the car. The PPS register shows whether finance is owing on personal property such as vehicles, crops and artwork.

A PPSR search is important as it can prevent you from getting into severe financial strife as a result of needing to repay any outstanding debts that the last owner of the vehicle may have accrued or having your vehicle repossessed.

Our comprehensive report offers you the extra information you need to ensure you're not buying a dodgy automobile. All you need to do is enter your licence plate number or VIN into our website's search box and you'll be issued with your PPSR report instantly.