SA rego check

Have you found the perfect used car and are ready to hand over your cash to the seller? Before you do, make sure you're not being sold a lemon.

A SA rego check is an overview of the registration history of a vehicle in South Australia. It's a way for you to make sure the car you're buying is legally registered and insured to drive on SA roads.

What do I get from a SA rego check?

A SA rego check will confirm the number, status and expiry date of a car's registration. It will also give you details about the make, model and body shape of the vehicle, along with information about the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance provider and policy expiry date.

Why should I get a SA rego check before buying a used car?

Firstly, a rego check tells you if the car is registered to drive in the state of SA and when the registration expires. You don't want to buy an unregistered vehicle, because driving one is illegal. If you're caught by SA police, or on camera, behind the wheel of an unregistered car, you'll be up for an expensive fine.

Driving an unregistered vehicle could also be endangering lives - yours, those of your passengers, and those of pedestrians and other road users. If the car you're buying has a mechanical fault that caused it to fail its last inspection, the owner may have chosen to avoid paying for repairs and intentionally not renewed the rego. A free rego check is a way to help ensure the car is not just complying with the law but also safe to drive.

Finally, getting a SA rego check tells you the status of the vehicle's CTP insurance policy. Valid CTP insurance is a legal requirement in all Australian states to cover the driver's legal liability if they cause injury or death.

How can I get a SA rego check?

There are a few ways to check the registration of a second-hand car in SA:

What if I want information that a SA rego check doesn't provide?

A free rego check may reveal that the car has valid registration and CTP insurance, but it won't tell you if there's finance owing on the vehicle (which would mean you'd be liable to repay any debts once the ownership transfers to you) or if the odometer has been wound back.

You can only get this kind of information from a more detailed car history report. A PPSR report is the most comprehensive car history report in Australia. It gives you information you need to help ensure you're buying a vehicle that won't get you into legal or financial trouble down the line. The report contains the following:

  • PPSR check;
  • Stolen check;
  • Written-off check;
  • Finance check;
  • Odometer check;
  • Price/odometer comparison;
  • Vehicle valuation;
  • VIN check; and
  • First sale information.

What is the PPSR check?

One of the most important elements of our report is the PPSR check. This is how you'll know if there are any outstanding debts owed on the car you're about to buy. You might think you're getting a pretty sweet deal, only to find out you're up for hundreds or thousands in loan repayments several months later. Your cheap second-hand car could end up costing you far more than you'd expected!

We conduct a search of the PPS register (short for Personal Property Securities Register), which is an online register that shows if security interests have been registered over types of personal property such as vehicles. A PPSR search will reveal if there is finance owing on the car, so you can be you won't be liable for someone else's repayments after you've bought it.

If you'd like some added peace of mind that what you're buying is worth the sale price, enter your licence plate number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into the search box on our website. We'll send through your PPSR report right away so you can make a smart purchase!