TAS rego check

Requesting a rego check is an essential part of purchasing a car. These checks are available for free from the Tasmanian government for all vehicles registered in the state, and are the best way to make sure that any vehicle is legally registered and ready to drive away from the lot.

This information is critical, as if you mistakenly purchase a vehicle that doesn't have a current rego, you legally won't be able to drive, or even park, on Tasmanian public roads.

What information do I get from a TAS rego check?

The rego check that you request from the Tasmanian Government will include the following information:

  • Current registration status;
  • Registration expiry;
  • The Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurer and policy expiry; and
  • The vehicle's make, model and body type.

Why does a TAS rego check matter?

The information you get from a TAS rego check is crucial so that you know for sure your potential new car is legally roadworthy. Even if the seller tells you the registration and CTP insurance are up to date, the fact of the matter is that it is you, not them, who will be liable if this isn't the case. There's no excuse for not getting a TAS rego check. If you don't, you could end up facing:

  • Legal consequences: It is an offence to operate an unregistered vehicle on Tasmanian roads. Even if your car is simply sitting on a public road and not being driven, you could be up for a significant fine. Routine checks such as breath testing stations and red light cameras will also often check registration status, so driving a car without a valid rego is a penalty waiting to happen.
  • An accident: If a vehicle isn't registered, there's usually a reason why. Often this will be a mechanical fault or inspection failure, and if you aren't aware of these issues before purchasing the car, it's far more likely that the consequences will result in an accident, potentially harming you, your passengers or others.
  • Financial trouble: As CTP insurance is normally organised at the same time as registration, vehicles without a valid rego usually aren't covered by an existing policy. This means that if you do get into an accident, you'll have no protection from the financial consequences.

How do I get a TAS rego check?

It's simple! Just head along to the Tasmanian Government's Vehicle Registration Status Enquiry page, where you'll need to provide your licence plate number and agree to the terms and conditions. After that, you'll receive your TAS rego check.

What if I want more information before a purchase?

Of course, a TAS rego check won't provide all of the information that buyers want to know before handing over their hard-earned cash. For that, you'll need a more comprehensive report that really delves into the history of a vehicle to check for red flags. For example, a TAS rego check won't tell you if there is finance owing on a vehicle, or if the odometer has been illegally wound back.

To get this extra information, buyers can purchase a PPSR report - Australia's most comprehensive indicator of a car's history. A PPSR report includes:

  • PPSR search;
  • Stolen check;
  • Written-off check;
  • Finance check;
  • Odometer check;
  • Price/odometer comparison;
  • Vehicle valuation;
  • VIN check; and
  • First sale information.

What is a PPSR search?

One of the most vital parts of your PPSR report is the PPSR search. This search is of the Personal Property Securities Register, which is where you'll find any security interests registered on personal property - including vehicles.

As part of your report, we'll conduct a PPSR check for you, looking through the register to see if there are any debts owing on a vehicle before you buy it. If you don't check the PPS register and there is finance owing, that debt will transfer to you as the new owner.

Ready to get started? Simply enter your vehicle's number plate or VIN in our search box and we'll send the report through immediately.