VIC Rego Check

A VIC rego check gives you information about your car's registration history. This information is crucial when purchasing a new vehicle in Victoria, as without knowing a car's registration history you could be putting yourself and others at risk.

The car dealer or individual selling you a vehicle may not be completely honest with you about the car's previous ownership, registration or insurance status. A rego check is one way you can find out if the car is roadworthy.

What information is included in a VIC rego check?

A VIC rego check will tell you if your car is registered to drive on Victorian roads, when the rego expires, confirm the model and make of the vehicle and also clarify the details of the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurer and policy expiry date.

Why should I check my registration?

There are a few key reasons that you should get a VIC rego check before buying a second-hand automobile:

  • It ensures the car you're driving is legally roadworthy: All cars on Victorian roads are required to have a valid registration. Without one, you could face expensive fines. Cars with expired registration may also have mechanical problems that endanger you, your passengers and other road users, so for safety purposes you also need a rego check to ensure your registration is up-to-date.
  • It tells you whether the vehicle is insured: A rego check will give you details of the CTP insurer and the policy expiry date. CTP insurance is important if you should get into an accident, as it covers you for legal liability if you cause injury or death.
  • It gives you peace of mind: By giving you the information you need to ensure you'll be driving a legally registered and insured vehicle, a rego check helps put you at ease that you're not being deceived by the seller - and will give you a warning if you are having the wool pulled over your eyes!

How do I get a VIC rego check?

You can get a VIC rego check by visiting the VicRoads website. Simply enter the car's licence plate number or VIN, accept the terms and conditions and you'll have immediate access to your rego report.

What if I require additional information?

The free rego check you'll get from VicRoads provides a basic overview of your car's registration history. But if you want to find out more information, such as whether the odometer was rolled back, if the car has been written-off, or if there are debts outstanding, you'll need to purchase a more detailed report.

A PPSR report is the most comprehensive car history report in the country. With this report, you'll receive not only registration information, but also:

  • PPSR search;
  • Stolen check;
  • Written-off check;
  • Finance check;
  • Odometer check;
  • Price/odometer comparison;
  • Vehicle valuation;
  • VIN check; and
  • First sale information.

What is a PPSR search?

One of the most important elements of the PPSR report is the PPSR search. PPSR is short for Personal Property Securities Register. This register reveals whether finance is owing on various kinds of personal property, for example livestock, crops, shares, intellectual property - and vehicles.

We conduct a PPSR check for you when you order your PPSR report. This involves looking through the PPS register to see whether any security interests have been registered over the car you want to buy. Any outstanding debts will transfer to you as the new owner of the vehicle, so knowing beforehand if the car is encumbered will help you avoid paying back loans that the previous owner had accumulated.

While a PPSR report is not a legal requirement when purchasing a new car in Victoria, it will give you the additional information you need for peace of mind that the vehicle you're buying is worth what you're paying for it. Just type in your licence plate number or VIN into the search box on our website and we'll send you your PPSR report in seconds!