WA rego check

Buying a second-hand car is always a risky business. When you don't know the seller or anything about the car's history, it's difficult to know if the sale price is a good deal for what you're getting. Obviously, you want to make sure the car you're buying is legally registered to drive on Western Australian roads.

A WA rego check gives you the details you need to know about a car's registration history, so you can make an informed purchase and get your money's worth.

What information does a WA rego check provide?

A WA rego check will give you the following information about the car you want to buy:

  • Registration number;
  • Registration status;
  • Registration expiry date;
  • Make, model and body shape of the vehicle; and
  • Details of the CTP insurer and policy expiry date.

Why should I get a WA rego check?

  • Your vehicle is required by law to be registered: If you're caught behind the wheel of a car with expired registration, you'll be up for severe penalties. To avoid fines, it's best to check that the car you're buying is legally registered to drive in WA.
  • You don't want to put lives at risk: A vehicle can sometimes have expired registration because the last owner deliberately failed to renew it. Driving an unregistered vehicle is not only illegal, it's incredibly dangerous. If there's a fault with the car that leads to an accident that injures you, your passengers, or other road users, it will be your responsibility.
  • You'll know if you're covered: All vehicles in Australia are required by law to have current Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. CTP insurance covers your legal liability should you get into an accident and cause injury or death - so it's absolutely crucial.

How do I get a WA rego check?

You can check the rego of a vehicle in WA for free via the Department of Transport website. Make sure you've got the licence plate number handy and enter it into the search box to access the registration history.

What if I'd like more information than a WA rego check includes?

A free WA rego check gives you some information, but not the full picture. It won't tell you:

  • If the car was written-off or stolen;
  • If the odometer has been wound back to make the mileage appear lower; or
  • If there is finance owing on the vehicle.

You will find this information in a car history report. A PPSR report is Australia's most comprehensive car history report, and it'll give you all the details you need to make a smart buy. For $36.95, the report will provide the following:

  • PPSR check;
  • Stolen check;
  • Written-off check;
  • Finance check;
  • Odometer check;
  • Price/odometer comparison;
  • Vehicle valuation;
  • VIN check; and
  • First sale information.

What is a PPSR check?

The PPSR check is one of the most important components of a PPSR report because it reveals if there is finance owing on your vehicle. If the second-hand car you're being sold does have outstanding debts accrued by the previous owner, you'll be liable to repay them once the vehicle changes hands.

To prevent any nasty surprises, we carry out a PPSR search on your vehicle using the PPS register (short for Personal Property Securities Register). This online database reveals whether security interests have been registered over certain types of personal property, such as livestock, crops, art - and vehicles.

If the PPSR check reveals there are outstanding debts owed, you can escape a dicey deal. And if not, congratulations on a great used car purchase!

Don't risk being sold a lemon. Enter your licence plate number or VIN into our website's search box to instantly receive your PPSR car history report.